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an individual pass away at the age of 99. she was the highest raking used for. let me be clear i'm not prejulian this situation we're only trying to gather the facts. i'm committed to providing more affordable housing. in december the maintenance mount released it's reported on the san francisco police department over the proceeding 5 years and it showed that the intersection of market and the other streets it has the highest collision of bicycles in the city and i've personality been involved in two. sadly they've had more than their fair share. it also has the highest collision situations near market. we can't just call this a job well done and move on. affordable housing and traps are vital events we have to have in this city - people are - to greatly improve their lives. i'm very pleased that the sheriff department was awarded a grant under little second chance acre cover program. it will give the sheriff's department around $600,000 for helping people with p t s c. this program will help us reduce depends on drugs. i ask my colleagues to join me to give the sheriff's the fund they need >>
of us to watch it i am one of the people but also i'd like to thank many of you have made the decoration and we're happy to see that our team 49er win. supervisor kim i am one of our reasons and i would like to give you a little credit you make it in our room by your people here. this here shows you two brothers one of them must win and they are two brothers. i can't blame any one of you but the - i blame the mayor he is lazy. i wish he would hear what i'm saying. but 49 eras i said here just to show with the (inaudible) i wish we can win and i hope. thank you, thank you all of you. thank you supervisor >> thank you next speaker. >> god bless you supervisors and glad bless the city and county of san francisco. today for this black history month i am very reluctant to talk about this subject. i was a teacher at marshall academic high school and which at that time was a low income high crime county. and marshall high school was set up for black and latin use to succeed in high school and slowly that population has been squeezed out of that school. that school was a preschool. i think the
's yesctionv used, how it's expected to be used here in your case. * generally again, the program requests the authorization -- the request will be the full 250 million. with commercial paper programs you typically don't initiate the full authorization on day 1. so, on day 1 the idea is of that 250 million, 100 million will be established. so, you'll be paying on the full 100 from day one, not the 250. so, that's a mechanism of to put authorization in place but reduce costs. the estimated cost for the 100 million, assuming it were all drawn for an entire year is about 2.2 million dollars in interest costs. and i'm going to show you the full work up of costs for these three transactions. the commercial paper program currently is expected to stay outstanding until 2019, okay, at which point approximately 100 million will be converted to long-term debt. and, so, much of this would be repaid through to the director's point with cash on hand. if federal dollars come in, you'd pay a draw on cp. if [speaker not understood] you'd pay your draw on cp, et cetera. and then back to the third grant ant
that the arts commission had unlawfully withheld information it was to keep us from getting our rights serviced. but that win of 4 to 3 was not enough to overcome what the board of supervisors did to make sure it won't be enough for an action to be taken. you essentially replaced all members and we won 4 to 3 and additionally you passed the sunshine ordinance with new members to repeal it's rule that the majority could take the decision on instead of requiring 6 votes. so only 7 people on the board were there and that was a couple of votes against us. your sabotage of open government sadly is bearing fruit. >> next speaker and thanks supervisors i'm an attorney, an mba that has been long associated with this city but i've got some positive comments to make. this poem reflects the poem encourage - i co-founded the poetry fountains and we have a public service to get you poems from the movement we'll have on public event to encourage education in february. this is the confession and it is like honest i didn't and this is for you the board of supervisors san francisco. our legislative lady of mie
wish you have good time to figure out if you figure out and you give us that amount of count of the amount of people in your district i can ask the government to give you more money to build housing. supervisor kim i'm very proud you asked for the community to have more housing. we need to walk up all of you. how many people have lost their arm and legs in war and have no housing yet? god bless >> don't give money to the frenzy of the library and the abuse of money in our community is so flag grant is to outrageous. the for years the friends of the library advertised and solicit money that it would raise money for lights and other things had or that are need in the library. how do we arrive at the finger of $5 million that the library admits is undocumented. it claims $5.2 million is a gift. for the rest we have documents from the house of public works. and we have seven hundred and 65 millions are for self-check out systems. overall the friends of the library raised over $40 million by fellowship e telling the people of san francisco that it was for the libraries and spent
will be there and the public is welcome and we will be starting at 10 a.m. in sacramento and so please join us. >> thank you. >> one last before we move on, commissioner mendoza reminds me one last item. tomorrow is the media day for the youth arts festival which will be opening i believe next week the 7th of march. and at the asian art museum this year, this is a new venue for it, it is the youth art festival and a lot of performance and visual art displays. >> it is young at heart. >> no it is youth festival now. >> yeah. >> so, i will be participating the superintendent will be participating. and i believe that the mayor as well will be there. he is hosting the media event tomorrow on the steps, yes. and so you may will get some coverage and maybe you will check out the arts festival and it is going to be great. >> we are going to move on now to item t and report of closed section actions. from the closed section of february 19, 2013, the board of education approved by a vote of five ayes and two absent, mendoza and maufas the expulsion of one student. and five ayes and one nay the executive director. >
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)